Excel Acceptance, LLC, (EA), is a specialty financial services company providing alternative funding availability to lease and loan portfolio sellers. EA is a full service funding facilitator of both large and small portfolios in addition to the individual lease or loan originated by both franchised titled vehicle dealerships and equipment vendors. The company has a network of professional financial consultants that assist the Managing Member, “Ross Aldridge in Las Vegas Nevada” to review the divestment strategies.  The proprietary  Portfolio Reconditioning Platform is now available to qualified dealerships and vendors  that are vested with the company. EA is scheduled to launch in Summer 2014.


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Founded with the concept of acquisition and management of financial assets, predominantly consumer titled vehicles, commercial titled vehicles , commercial equipment and real estate lease arrangements.  All portfolio divestment strategies are acquired through the facilitation of our proprietary due diligence underwriting guidelines that have been based on past historical performance of bank-owned lease companies, as well as captive and independent lessor.
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