Excel Trust

Excel Trust Funding

The Company is a full service  leasing company that originates, purchases and repackages titled leases, commercial leases and real estate leases, individually or in portfolios and services the stream of payments. All leases acquired by the Company meet specific credit underwriting requirements. The Company provides consumer and commercial titled vehicle lease, equipment leases and real estate leases that offer a proven underwriting, origination and serving platform.

To enable the continued growth of the Company, the Company has identified and contracted to acquire preferred portfolios that will provide additional immediate long term secured cash flow. To facilitate this growth, the Company will issue a 10 year 7% Corporate Bond in the gross amount of $200 million with certain collateral features that are designed to give full assurance of the security of the Bond issuance to the specified underwriters. The referenced Corporate Bond portfolio will have the feature of providing the underwriters with a portfolio of $200 million (maturity value) US listed and traded Corporate Bonds each of which shall have the rating of “Investment Grade” (“A or Better”).  Such portfolio will be fully paid for and free of any other lien or liability. The Bond portfolio will be lodged to the order of the underwriters for the life of the Company’s Bond thus providing full security for the capital repayment at maturity.

To facilitate the Company’s funding procedure, the Company has perfected “Excel Trust” to oversee  the $200 MM  of perfected collateral to be pledged to the order of the underwriters security guaranteeing the safe return of the capital sum at the maturity of the Company’s $200 MM, 10 year Bonds maturity. In addition, all Products secured by the Company will be held by Excel Trust.  

In addition, the Trust will allow for the audited transversal of any qualified asset that meets the predefined Declaration of Trust terms. These transfers, such as early paid off lease accounts, lease defaults or other transfers’ may be completed through a contract collateral exchange in lieu of amending the Trust balance.

Further enhancement for the Company’s underwriters, the Company will provide a 7% interest payment in cash paid on a semi annual basis and will be based on the $200 MM provided by the underwriters.

For additional information please email investor@excelacceptance.com